Fan Coil Replacement at 22 & 32 Clarissa

22 - 32 Gibraltar

The Aging Fan Coil Issues

The two buildings on the site – 22 & 32 Clarissa – are both over 30 years old and had original construction fan coils still in use. We found many to be well past their useful lifespan and some in incredibly rough shape. Common issues included rusty and leaky drain pans, deteriorating insulation as well as inefficient, noisy and out of balance fans.

Each building has approximately 190 suites spread out over 16 floors. We also had to coordinate with two property managers and the residents to complete the project. Working closely with the Unilux CRFC team, the property manager, condo board and residents were all educated on the importance of updating their fan coils and the many benefits of doing so.

HVAC Property Management
Fan Coil Removal - Technician with HEPA Vacuum and Plastic Tent

The Work

Once the property manager, condo board and residents came to an agreement about the equipment and scheduling, we were able to get started. Our Lux-Bull team set up shop in the communal parking lot and had a small space in each building to store equipment and work from. The overall footprint and impact were minimal.

We started work going floor by floor to replace all of the units in the building. Then, COVID-19 hit and brought an abrupt halt to work. This unforeseeable event made us work quickly to ensure that we completed all work that was in progress and manage expectations with unit owners for units where replacement had not yet begun.

As the province of Ontario progressed and began to open up, we worked with the property managers to implement COVID-19 safety protocols that would allow us to safely resume work. Some protocols included extra personal protective equipment (PPE), limiting the number of technicians in a suite and limiting all contact with residents.

With protocols in place, we were able to resume work and complete the fan coil replacements.

On top of COVID-19, our team also had to deal with an out-of-service chiller system which also impacted the project timeline and was out of our control. Even with these two major issues, we were still able to satisfy the residents of both buildings.

Our In-Suite Impact

To learn more about the consistent process we follow in each suite to replace fan coils, check out our installation process.

Completing the Fan Coil Replacement

Due to the pandemic, the project completion took longer than expected. However, maintaining the safety of residents and our team was everyone’s top priority.

Our team took the time to make sure all residents were satisfied. We made special visits to ensure all the new thermostats were setup and functioning properly and made the homeowner aware of how to control them. For residents with additional questions or concerns, we made sure to show up to their unit and promptly address them.

In the end, the property managers, condo boards and residents were very satisfied with their new units and we received lots of positive feedback. We’re happy to help all of the residents at 22 & 32 Clarissa completely replace their old fan coils so they can enjoy top-of-the-line heating and cooling.

Luxbull Thermostat Setup