Replacing Fan Coils at 111 Echo

Understanding the Fan Coil Issues

The fan coils at 111 Echo Dr. have been in use for 34 years. The blow-through fan coils were set up for only air conditioning as the units relied on baseboard heating. Some of the owners in the building started to experience issues with their fan coils and contacted our team for help.

The group of owners wanted to proceed without the rest of the building and took part in an owner participation program. Lux-Bull HVAC Services coordinated directly with the homeowners to educate them and complete
the retrofit agreement.

HVAC Technician with HEPA Vacuum Close Up

Retrofitting the Fan Coils

Once the owners were on board, we scheduled the work with them and began the project. We replaced 9 fan coils in total. Each fan coil took approximately 3 hours to replace. We tried to impact the building as little as possible. Our team was clean, tidy and professional. We also stayed out of everyone’s way by storing all of our equipment in our work trucks.


Our team had to troubleshoot an issue we hadn’t come across before. A combination of baseboard heating and fan coil air conditioning meant reconfiguring the control systems to control both the baseboard heater and fan coil. Our team was able to quickly resolve this wiring issue and continued replacing the fan coils and thermostats in each suite.

Our In-Suite Impact

To learn more about the consistent process we follow in each suite to replace fan coils, check out our installation process.

More Happy Customers

The entire job took just 3 days to complete. All of the owners are very happy with their new equipment and our team’s installation process.
This job is a perfect example of how Lux-Bull HVAC Services can work quickly and carefully to address all fan coil and control system-related problems. Our team’s problem-solving skills helped us deal with issues immediately – most notably, the thermostat wiring for AC only coils and baseboard heaters.