Replacing Fan Coils at 66 Malta

Addressing the Fan Coil Issue

This project started for us when the property’s engineering firm contacted us. They were interested in upgrading their vertical fan coils and came to the right place. The existing fan coils in the building were in rough shape after 25 years of use. The fan coils were used for heating only.

Our team worked with the property manager and board to educate them through presentations, brochures and more. The building was looking to purchase and replace units as a whole and at one time.

HVAC Technician Installing Hydronic Coil

Performing the

It wasn’t long before we came to an agreement on replacing their fan coils. Lux-Bull set up a small space out of the way of residents to house the new equipment and tools. From there, we started to tackle the replacement of all 153 fan coils in the building.

Going floor by floor, we replaced all of the units in the building, being very careful and respectful in each suite. Our team took roughly 3 hours in each suite to tear out the old fan coils and replace them with new ones. Residents did not experience much heating and cooling downtime at all.

Our In-Suite Impact

To learn more about the consistent process we follow in each suite to replace fan coils, check out our installation process.

Job Well Done

Completing the entire building only took 6 weeks. It was a smooth process with very few hiccups. Any issues that arose were addressed promptly with the property manager and resolved immediately.

All of the residents in the building, including the board and property manager were very happy with the work we completed. They are now all enjoying brand-new heating and cooling systems.