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Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Lux-Bull HVAC Services. We want to leave every customer with a brand-new fan coil, a clean suite and the best impression. From sales to clean up, we deliver the best service possible. Don’t just take our word for it, see what past clients have said about us.
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Dealing with such an old system can become stressful for everyone involved from Superintendent to Board members to Management and mostly residents. We were dealing with poor indoor air quality, constant rattling and clanking every time the Heating and AC kicked in, inconsistencies with heating and cooling from one end of the building to another and in individual units. High costs just to continuously repair them in hopes they would last through another winter, summer. HVAC units abandoned by others who thought patchwork would cover the problem and not realizing it ends up costing the Corporation thousands of dollars. The list of inconsistencies just goes on. We finally made the decision to revisit our HVAC situation and weigh our options. The board of directors unanimously agreed to move ahead with replacing the old with new the residents deserved it.

After reviewing several quotes from different companies we chose Lux-bull. They understood our needs, answered all our questions and put together a plan for us that was affordable and doable. Their sincerity and attentiveness was a plus. The team at Lux-bull made it so easy for us to talk to them and never thought any of our questions were dumb. After their walk through with Management the put together the best system solution for our building. I want to add this was all during Covid19 outbreak so that was just another stress factor.

Moving forward, I cannot express how happy I am with the decision we made to go with Lux-bull. Dave and his team were efficient, quick and reliable. Feedback from residents was positive. They were happy that finally they were going to be able to enjoy comfortable temperature and cleaner air within their unit and not worry how they were going to keep warm through the next winter. Kudos to the technicians, who kept within covid19 guidelines and for not disrupting anyone’s daily routine. I was informed that the guys were so quiet you didn’t even know they were in the unit. To Richard who supervised the job from beginning to end and some. An enormous special thank you to Dave and Peter who made it happen. Just thank you for the amazing work and respect you all showed to residents. I commend you all. I really hope anyone considering replacing or retrofitting their HVAC system to reach out to Lux-bull and discuss your needs. I would and will definitely recommend Lux-bull a hundred times over! Oh I need to add, it also made a big difference on our hydro bill which was a bonus for all residents. Again, thank you Lux-bull Team.


President mtcc856

The Lux-Bull team did a wonderful job replacing our fan coils. The team was courteous, clean and careful. They respected our home.

Most importantly, the process was quick. The technicians only took 3 hours, so we didn’t notice the heating and cooling downtime. 

We strongly recommend Lux-Bull for clean and fast fan coil replacement.

Prasanthy G

Brampton, ON

66 Malta Ave, Brampton, ON Building
111 Echo Dr, Ottawa, ON Building

My wife and myself were very impressed with the work ethic of your entire crew and the meticulous manner in which they carried out the removal of the old units within the erected plastic tents. The new installations were carried out without any issues and the resultant cleanliness left by your crew was way beyond my wife’s expectations.

We find the new installation is much better than the older units. To our surprise when heat is selected the fans engage moving warm air from the ceiling to the floor areas. The older units did not have this feature. 

Thank you for an amazing experience. I wish other companies worked
this well.

Brian S.

Ottawa, ON.”

On Monday, your team including Sean and Nick installed 2 new fan coil systems in my condo. They arrived promptly at 9:00 as scheduled. I’d like to offer my compliments on the great job that they did. It was as unobtrusive as possible, they were polite, quiet, careful, helpful with the moving and replacing of my furniture. And they were always masked. Job well done. Thanks,

Phyllis A.

Richmond Hill, ON

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66 Malta Ave, Brampton, ON Building

Lux-bull did a great job scheduling and communicating the work. Considering they dealt with the whole building, I always new when and for how long their team would be in my suite well in advance.

Karen H.

Brampton, ON

I just want to thank the team led by Jose for a great job they did in our suite at 22 Clarissa drive. Especially thanks to Jose for his thorough follow up and professional attitude. We are very pleased with the service provided and the way he (and Shawn) responded to our requests.


Richmond Hill, ON

Gibraltar - Total building - Angle 800px
Gibraltar - Total building - Angle 800px

Thank you, Lux-Bull HVAC Services Inc. and David Turnbull, General Manager, for the great service with our mother’s HVAC system. We truly appreciate the clean and timely service that made things so much easier for our family, especially during these unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic times.

Heidi K.


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