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Fan Coil Installation

We specialize in high-quality retrofit fan coil installation. Our goal is always to get the job done right, as fast as we can and with as little disruption to residents as possible. Our highly-trained team is courteous and knowledgeable. And, we only install the best equipment. Read more about our partnership with Unilux CRFC below.

Unilux’s Innovative Equipment

We install trusted Unilux products. Unilux has decades of experience creating and building fan coils for high-rise buildings. Unilux’s new retrofit fan coil solution is designed to replace aging vertical stack fan coils with modern fan coil technology.

Professional Fan Coil Installation

Our priority is customer satisfaction. That starts with the best, most complete service available.

1.Protect your suite

We lay down mats to protect flooring. We also protect surrounding walls to prevent any damage.

2. Turn off water and power to the unit and disconnect from building wide services

Technicians ensure the unit is totally safe to perform work on.

3. Remove the equipment inside of the existing cabinet including all insulation

Technicians safely remove all old vertical fan coils components, including insulation. This is done according to EACO Level 2 guidelines for our safety and yours.

4. Replace cabinet insulation and install the new Unilux CRFC inside of your cabinet

We completely replace the insulation and install the new retrofit vertical fan coil equipment.

5.Connect to the building services, install new programmable thermostat and fully test the fan coil unit to ensure quiet and efficient operation

After installing the equipment, our technicians test the unit and make sure you know how everything works.

6. Clean Up

Finally, our technicians pack up our gear and clean up your suite. We leave spaces cleaner than the way we found them.


We love improving our customers home comfort. Hearing from our customers about how happy they are with installation and their new equipment drives Lux-Bull HVAC Services. See what our customers are saying about our work.

Brian S.
Brian S.Ottawa, ON
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My wife and myself were very impressed with the work ethic of your entire crew and the meticulous manner in which they carried out the removal of the old units within the erected plastic tents....
Prasanthy G
Prasanthy G BRAMPTON, ON
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The Lux-Bull team did a wonderful job replacing our fan coils. The team was courteous, clean and careful. They respected our home. Most importantly, the process was quick. The technicians only took 3 hours...
Karen H.
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Lux-Bull did a great job scheduling and communicating the work. Considering they dealt with the whole building, I always new when and for how long their team would be in my suite well in advance.

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