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retrofit vertical stack heat pumps

Introducing Retrofit Vertical Stack
Heat Pumps

Lux-Bull is proud to announce that we offer a complete line of retrofit vertical stack heat pumps from Unilux RHP. Whisper-quiet, energy-efficient designs are great for replacing aging and malfunctioning heat pumps.

Innovative Heat Pump Equipment

Brought to you by our partnership with Unilux RHP. Unilux is a trusted high-rise HVAC manufacturer. Their refined heat pump designs are incredibly easy to install. They offer complete Wi-Fi control and advanced diagnostics. Controlling and servicing your replacement heat pump has never been easier.

Unilux RHP offers retrofit designs for all major heat pump manufacturers.

Water-Source Heat Pump Replacement

Our heat pump replacement techniques vary depending on your needs. Most heat pump retrofit projects fit into 2 categories:

Chassis Replacement

If you have a newer heat pump, you may not need to replace the whole unit. We can often replace just the heat pump chassis, which includes the compressor and coil, in under an hour.

Complete Retrofit

Older buildings with heat pumps beyond 10 years of age should consider a complete retrofit to replace the components in the cabinet. We replace every component with a new heat pump HVAC system.

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